Is not a THOUGHT It is a Process.



Student is not looking for a Career Counsellor, he is looking for Life Guidance.

Doing the Right thing, the Right way. @ Career Dose.

Managing Student Portfolio

Precise Analysis, Personal Data Collection, Overall Development...

Student Seminar

Different seminars are designed for 10th and 12th to expose students to the conceptual framework as per their current need. It gives them insight about the need of the time.

Face to Face Sessions

We don't trust computerised assessments when it comes to life choices. Personalised live sessions are conducted by a befriender to understand the emotional state of a child.

Parent Seminar

Sometimes parents undermine the current trends and stop the child to explore his choices. This seminar aims to bridge the gap between generations.

Personalised Dashboard

Dashboards for Teachers and students help in tracking the performance of a child over a period of time. It includes resources, mentor contact, reports and much more.

Quarterly Evaluation

Careful analysis of the academic and overall performance of the child is done every quarter both qualitatively and quantitatively. Reports are shared with the parents, school and the child.

Support Entire Career Cycle

We are there with the child from Class 9 to his Graduation. Guiding him throughout in his development process. The Child also has a mentor at his disposal when ever needed.



We need to assess if there is really a room for a professional portfolio management company? Is Indian society ready to accept a more customized and tailored approach to counter stigma towards overall career development?

  • Parents are ignorant about the scope in the field their child wants to pursue. And they eventually get the child enrolled in traditional course.
  • Immense technological advancement and issues, such as drugs abuse, have contributed to stress and strain on the students, that can only be understood through personalized sessions.
  • Changing family trends like working parents, illiterate parents have reduced emotional cushioning.


The idea behind adopting the name Career Dose is not just the appeal that it makes, but also is our motivation. Two small words, put together to make a big difference to our generations that are yet to hit the so-called job’s battlefield. Career, as everyone knows, is any profession that one chooses for a long period and Dose is the rightly prescribed amount of drugs needed for any cure. We at Career dose understand that “student is not looking up for a counselor, but he is looking up for life guidance”. And therefore we aspire to make informed career choices by providing insights and backgrounds of all the career options. We strive to create a platform where in we can help the students in successfully managing their overall academic portfolio, so as to drive their career expectations to the right career path.

Glimpse of French

Learn French

Learning French with CAREER DOSE, is an interactive adventure. All classes are based on a student centered curriculum that accommodates each student’s interests and passions, giving learning the freedom to flourish.

The world is getting closer, with the emergence of fair trade and globalization. Also, competition is increasing in almost every industry. Learning a new language can certainly open up the doors of opportunities and can help you in improving your learning curve.

  • Several Studies have shown that learning a new language boosts brain power.
  • Learning a foreign language also facilitates the overall development of your brain. So, it improves your memory as well.
  • Knowing a foreign language enhances your confidence.


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Hours of Research before Launch


Years of Mentorship for You.


Partnered Schools, More Counting.


Your Success is Our Story.


Accessing Yourself

First step to career planning is to know who you are and what you want to be. Includes Knowing your Skills, Personality and opportunities for your choosing options.


Many kids just like you, find it hard to determine what could be the best stream i.e. Science, Commerce & Arts and tend to force themselves to get into a stream which might not suit their skills.


Goals big and small can be the stepping-stones to a happier life and the way we set them can make a difference to achieving them.


"Career Dose brought an innovative idea of student portfolio management which helps in to improve students on their grades along with the awareness of their career selection. At Whitehall, Rampur we had examine a drastic improvement in performance of our students and its quite easy to maintain the records of our student."

Whitehall Public School

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“Credibly innovate granular internal or "organic" sources whereas high standards in web readiness.

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