Why to Choose Career Dose French Course?

At Career Dose, we facilitate video based learning, an approach that suits everyone who wants to learn a new language. A video is the most engaging way to hold the learner’s attention. With progressing technology, audiovisual learning is promising and is considered as an effective way of learning. Logical teaching takes a stepby-step approach for concrete learning.


Start Speaking French promptly using essential words and phrases.

Simple Learning

Develop confidence in every lesson as you progress from new vocabulary to effective conversations.


Includes comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, dialogues, exercises and more.

Easy Recall

Unique retention exercises, move your new language from short-term memory to long-term memory.


Afordable for the school and student with minimal fees.

Why Should you learn French?

French the name itself is extremely alluring and is like the mother tongue in the European Union and is widely spoken in over 54 countries across the world. French is language of Romance and thus falls under the romance language umbrella. So, while you are learning French, you are also getting to learn the elements of other languages under the umbrella. It derives its roots from the Indo-European family of languages. Apart from boosting the brainpower, the economic aspects of learning French are countless.

French is the offcial language in 55 countries and is the second most learnt language

Ability to speak French will increase one’s job opportunities and salary potential!

Advantage of studying in France and French speaking countries like Canada.

Over 50% of English words have their origins in French!

Makes immigration in another countries easier as it helps you to attain more points under PBS.

Improves business opportunities as France is Europe’s foremost investor abroad!

Learning French will develop one’s critical and creative thinking skills!

French is one of the most frequently used languages on the Internet!

Why choose Career Dose for French?

We are a proud company bringing a blend of technology and traditional approach to inculcate the best learning experience. Language has always been our niche and with teachers over 10 years of experience in our cadre, we know how to deliver a quality experience with easy learning as our motto.

French as a Career

La Francophonie is a group of 84 countries where the French language is spoken frequently. If any student wants to apply for higher education or a job in any of these countries, knowledge of French can enhance and brighten the chances to get selected. Pursuing a career in these countries demands knowledge of French as a primary demand. French is like a mother tongue in the European Union and it is fourth most spoken language across the region. France has an elite culture, and French is a gate to enter the world full of history, romance, and knowledge. As per the total number of speakers, french is the sixth most spoken language in the world.

If you’re looking for a career in the corporate sector, French is an excellent ingredient to enhance your chances. The importance of the French Language is always on the rise. As said earlier French is the gateway to the road of success in today’s world.

Career Dose’s French Tutorials are Exploratory in Teaching Methods

Our teachers are self-motivated, and they are never afraid to explore more in teaching methods. We know the importance of french language, and we don’t want our students to feel low in any situation. Our teachers always come up with ideas to make more connection so that students can feel indulged, and they remain motivated throughout the learning process.

Why Us?

Our purpose in Career Dose is to help the young generation to have all-around development of their energetic brains. Our ideology defines our intentions. We want to inspire young minds. We want to show them various career prospects. Career Dose is a lean and a fast-growing organization aimed to nourish the future fuel of this country.

French For Immigration


The Test d'évaluation du français (TEF) is a test to check the fluency of a non-native speaker in French Language. The test is required to get admission into some Foreign Universities. The test is recognized by the Federal Government of Canada for Immigration Procedures.

The Test Includes:

  1. The Reading, Listening, Grammar, and Vocabulary sections. (Compulsory).
  2. The Writing and Speaking Section (Optional).

DELF/DALF Tests are offered by Council of Europe’s Common European Framework.
Two types of test are:

  • DELF
    1. A1 and A2 Tests for “Beginners”.
    2. B1 and B2 Tests for “Intermediates”
  • DALF
    1. C1 and C2 Tests for “Proficients”
      (Mandatory Questions, Optional, Multiple Chioce)

Let us Study about these tests Separately now


Diplôme d’études en langue française is the test that levels from A1 through B2 which covers beginner and intermediate learners. It is important for all the French Learners as it tests their fluency in the Language.

The Test is divided into four categories. Before taking the test, the students have to choose amongst the DELF A1, DELF A2, DELF B1 or DELF B2 tests because each test is particularly tailored to students of that level.

Most of the French Workplaces demand B1 and B2 diploma as it shows that the diploma holder has moderate hold on the language. Though some of the institutes/workplaces accept B1 Diploma too.

If you’re are planning to apply for French Jobs or French University, DELF is the most important Diploma.


Diplôme approfondi de langue française is an advanced language diploma. The test is similar to DELF, though the test centers of both tests are always not same.

DALF tests exists in two categories: one for level C1, and the other for level C2. A C1 is required for master’s and doctorate programs.

Having a C2 diploma generally requires several months of immersive learning which means that someone with a C2 level has already worked in a French job or attended French university.

These tests examines four different constituents of French language, spotlightinglinguistic comprehension as well as cultural comprehension. These four elements are:

  1. Comprehension Reading
  2. Comprehension Listening
  3. Expression Writing
  4. Oral expression

Each of the sections of the DELF and DALF are graded out of 25 points

French For Professionals

French is one of the highest spoken languages in the world. International companies prefer professionals who understand French. French is like a secret weapon to grab a great job. Multi National Companies of almost all sectors ( like banking, automotive, international trade, hotel management, finance, etc.) demand French as one of the primary conditions for recruitment. It is considered to be the second most taught foreign language after English.

Learning French Language will boost your chances to get the desired job. The widespread of this language has made it so famous. This beautiful language is food for aesthetic soul. We at Career Dose offer top-quality French Tutorials by the experts in the field.

Career Dose French Learning Classes For Professionals

People at Career Dose understand the Importance of the French Language. We offer online french tutorials. Learning a new language is not an easy task, but we make sure that you remain comfortable throughout our course. Our approach is student-friendly. We know what a student needs and how to provide them. Every individual is different, and our teachers know that.

So, what exactly makes our teachers different?
  • We personalize the learning environment- We understand that learning a language is a challenging task, and French is not such an easy language to learn. We know the competency level of a student and personalize the course according to that. Our teachers always remain patient with their students. We see the connection is the key and making students comfortable, so they feel free to talk about our aim.
  • We are passionate, and we make sure students remain eager to learn- We know time is priceless, and if anyone is investing time in us, we understand it’s importance. Our teachers are passionate about what they do; they know the importance of the french language, and they never fail to communicate. Our programs are specially designed so that students never lose hope, and they always remain passionate about learning.

At Career Dose, we provide efficiently designed tutorials cum courses which are aimed specifically at effective learning which develops the love for subject among students. We offer interactive, balanced and extremely responsive content to cater the needs of each student. Our specialty is Animated recorded classes which allow students to repeat the structured topics unlimited times for in-depth understanding.

Career Dose is one of its kind company which aims to sharpen the students of this country. Our aim is to deliver the best so that the young minds can gain. We also provide free career counseling to the students. Our website contains all the data so that the students can feel doubt free. We are always happy to help.