Interactive Classes

Career Dose provides best in class tutorials and courses that are aimed explicitly at conceptual learning. Our content is interactive, dynamic and extremely responsive to cater the needs of each child connected with Career Dose. We help to enhance the basics of the students through our tutorials. We focus on how to make our tutorials easy to understand so that every student can learn. We don’t want our students to feel low in any situation. Our teachers always come up with ideas to make more connection so that students feel involved. We believe that all the little concepts should be taught to children from a young age. It helps them have all-around development of the brain.

What Makes Us Different?

Our purpose in Career Dose is to help the young generation to have all-around development of their energetic brains. Our ideology defines our intentions. We want to inspire young minds. We want to show them various career prospects. Career Dose is a lean and a fast-growing organization aimed to nourish the future fuel of this country.

  1. We work as a team. Our people are committed to working hard so that the young minds are nurtured in the best possible way.
  2. We focus on creating a student-friendly environment, where students feel free to share their issues. Our team focuses on each child individually who seeks our help.
  3. Our enthusiastic team is always committed to making a difference so that a better tomorrow can be constructed.

We offer Top-Notch Online Tutorials

French: We at Career Dose know the value of French language. It is the second most spoken language in the world after English with 220 million active speakers. Learning a new language can be a daunting task, and sometimes it feels impossible to achieve. Teaching a speech can seem more intimidating. Our approach is student-friendly. We know what a student needs and how to provide them. Every individual is different, and our teachers know that.

Math and Science:  We have technology everywhere around us. We live in modern times where every day, new discoveries are made. Importance of Science and Math in human life can be seen. Also, the immensely complex world we live in illustrates Science everywhere, which can be interpreted to logical form by Mathematics.

What makes our tutorials useful?

  1. We engage are students efficiently.
  2. We know every student is different so we try to keep everything easy to understand.
  3. We focus on the quality of education we provide.
  4. We try to develop logical thinking in students.