Our purpose as Career Dose. Defines our intentions

Our idea of developing the generations starts with our mission, that is enduring. It states our purpose as a responsible company and serves as benchmark against which we weigh our commitments and actions.

  • To inspire the generations.
  • To pump options for optimum career prospects.
  • To conceive value and mark a difference.

Our vision functions as the framework of our aspirations and pilots every dimension of our commitments by elaborating what is required to attain our objectives.

  1. Team: Be a Great Organisation to work, where people are inspired to provide value to the society.
  2. Package: Bring children a package, where all career inclinations can be met through personalized interaction.
  3. Society: Be a responsible company that makes a difference in constructing and developing the community.
  4. Productivity: Be a remarkable, lean and fast-moving Organisation.

Our value is our identity. It defines our principles, beliefs and philosophy.

  1. Responsibility: If the work is my part, it’s on me.
  2. Leadership: The confidence to shape a better future.
  3. Association: Benefit from collective intellect.
  4. Honesty: Be truthful and real.
  5. Quality: We do everything with the highest quality as our lowest benchmark.
  6. Spirit: Being passionate and commitment with all our heart.