Career Dose wants to touch the most obvious thing that we all know But ignore.

In the world of global competence, we must get ready for tomorrow, today. To continue to grow over the next ten years and beyond, we must map and analyze the trends that will help us to shape our future and to move swiftly to equip ourselves for what has to come. We need to create a long-term destination for our children and provide them with a “Roadmap” for a winning tomorrow. Our generations are blessed with the luxuries, However thinking of what to do next puts all the luxuries on stake and make us think in a lonely room of “what next”. The Student, regardless of school or stream, are unsure of what to do after 10th or 12th. The choice is nothing less than a roller coaster. How can we expect 10th or a 12th standard student to decide what he wants; without him being aware of all the options clearly?

A high school student is asked to choose among science, commerce and humanities based on his percentage. Many students decide their stream under peer pressure and intellect, not choice. Choosing a stream is all about pride and prestige and has very less to do with the scope it carries. For a student to choose the right career path that suits his interest and ability, it is very essential for him to understand the value his choice may carry.

With numerous universities offering a handful of closely related courses, leave student in a dilemma to make the right pick. Choosing a course by evaluating its long-term perspective is vital. Just after high school gets over, the university’s battle begins, where colleges are over loaded with innumerable outstanding students. Cutoffs from most of the good universities are at their zenith, which leaves an average student with no option and develops a feeling of failure. Emergence of a new career choices and innumerable college options, leaves students very ambiguous about what career option to opt. There are no parameters that can set students towards a right career choice. Due to lack of guidance, most of the students choose their careers based on other’s preferences and generally students end up choosing the old traditional courses which might not validate themselves as good choice now or maybe five years down the line.