How Student Seminar can Help?

With the board results out, it’s time for hundreds of students to take the right decision regarding their career and future. The choices of subjects play a very important role as they can make or break a student’s future. In a bid to help young minds make the right choice regarding subjects and institutes. Choosing the right career can be very rewarding with the right career guidance. The professional life of a student depends on the career choice and the course choice made by them during the transition years of their life.


Career Guidance is very important at this transition phase because it helps in making their decisions with much more ease and after being well informed. Besides, students are often at crossroads when it comes to making a decision about what course to pursue or what career to get into. By putting a lot of options in front of them, and a lack of proper information about the requirement for these options often leads to incorrect career decisions.


Not just this, more often than not, students get easily influenced by what their parents advise them, or what their friends are doing. Most of them even get influenced by the glamour and look-and-feel offered by a particular career, and they jump into the pursuit of a make-believe “perfect” career. What parents and students fail to understand is that a career decision should never be based on what it looks like on the surface or how “popular”, “successful” or “safe” it seems to be. The “RIGHT CAREER” for each person varies, based on their own aptitude, personality and Skills.


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