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Test Series

Online Test Series

Career Dose’s test series allow you to analyze yourself in a fun way which develops students’ critical thinking most efficiently. It also helps students by letting them know their weaknesses so that they can practice well. We believe counseling helps but up to a certain extent. Counseling suggests you that you can do in future and what is your potential but test series help students to evaluate themselves in real time. These fun filled activities help you to know yourself. Our online test series are precisely designed in order to access your knowledge about the subject by simple responses. It lets you to choose and gives the power in your hands. Some of creative test activities are so innovative that we bet you have not done before, so its time that you take our online test series to analyze yourself.

Why should you choose us?

Our vision functions as the framework of our aspirations and pilots every dimension of our commitments by elaborating what is required to attain our objectives.

  1. Team: Be a Great Organisation to work, where people are inspired to provide value to the society.
  2. Package:  Bring children a package, where all career inclinations can be met through personalized
  3. Society: Be a responsible company that makes a difference in constructing and developing the community.
  4. Productivity: Be a remarkable, lean and fast-moving Organisation.

We also offer Career Counseling To Guide Young Guns of Our Country

Counseling helps to create an equilibrium between the student’s desires and practicality. Due to the availability of so many choices, many times, students are confused, and their energy is channelized to many fields, which often leads to having career desires in many areas. Thus, counseling helps students to channelize their power to the ground where it is appropriate for them to grow. It allows students to estimate their strengths and weaknesses so they may focus on what is most practical for them. When a candidate’s profile is evaluated by the counselor, it provides him/her a clear vision.

Doubt Session

Online Doubt Session

Our experts understand how important their job is. We aim to provide the proper guidance so that students get to know about their potentials. Our doubt sessions are interactive as well as fun filled. Our doubt sessions create a platform where students can feel free. We help them manage their complete academic portfolio. We drive the Career Expectations to the right Career Path.

We understand that no two students fit into the same profile. Our team is well aware of every ins and outs of the situation. We access each doubt with precisely as we know that helping a student is a critical task as we will be providing a base on which the whole building of the knowledge will be constructed.

Why Our Doubt Sessions Beneficial?

We don’t force anything. We only provide support

Our teachers never tell students that they have to do certain things. We help the students to access their abilities, and we offer them the support they need. While talking to every student, we obtain them, and we make separate portfolios of each student’s doubts, which help them to know themselves and the things they are capable of.

We are full of acceptance

Our team complete wholeheartedly accepts a student’s situation, and we never act judgemental. Our teachers believe everyone makes mistakes, but it’s our responsibility to amend and make ourselves better. We try to support your child in every manner. We always want to be the torchbearer so that your child can walk the tough path easily.

The main aim of these doubt sessions is to help the students to achieve their personal goals and knowing their weaknesses better. We do not tell students that what he/she should do, rather we suggest them the most appropriate ways to solve the problems by analyzing them.

Time Table

Career Coach

About Us

Career dose help the bright minds of the younger generation to think and choose their career as there are so many career options and it's just so confusing in which field they should pursue their career. We just want students not to get entangled in the webs of choosing a career after all this is one of the most important decisions in your life. Our career coaches play the role as a torchbearer in the students career path so that they don't get lost in so many different options to choose career.

Providing Career Coaching

Career dose provides CAREER COACHING for students. Our coaches aim to help the student without any tension and additional thinking of choosing a career. Our coaches have some specific aspects which they consider whenever they are coaching the students so that they can do the work with ease:

  1. Everyone has their own unique quality-Our coaches know that everyone has their own qualities and are good at their work in different ways. We always analyse the profile of the student with proper care before anything happens as we know choosing a career is the most critical task. Thus, it makes both of us sure that we are on the same page.
  2. Providing full help and support-Our coaches never make students do certain work in which they are not interested or that are way away from the students ability. We analyse their abilities and then give them tasks according to their own interests. We fully support them in every aspect of the whole process.
  3. We are adaptive but not judgmental-Our career coaches know that in different areas there are different students who have different situations around them. We always try to be adaptive so that without any stress and with interest you can complete the whole process which hopefully can make your path to your dream job clear.
At the end, the fate of our country is in the hands of these talented people and our work is just to make their career path clear and polish their skills and develop their minds so that they can pass any situation in the future with alot of ease.

Mentor Support

What is Mentor Support?

A mentor is a role model who has a lot of experience in a certain field and tries to pass on the experience to a mentee so that he/she can develop their mind and certain abilities by learning from the mentor.

Mentor support is very important in a student's life. Through mentor support a mentee can build confidence with that he or she can concentrate on their own development in every aspect. Mentor support is based on the fundamentals of THREE C’S . CONSULTANT, COUNSELOR, CHEERLEADER. Career dose provide different help needed by a student by a mentor on the basis of these fundamentals. Some helps that are given by career dose are:

  • Career guidance-According to three C’s career dose provide mentor support in which a student can consult a mentor about their career path or their dream jobs or ask them to give you some advice/guidance. In this way the student gets their help and queries without any stress.
  • Stream or College Selection-A mentor can become your counselor which will sort your doubts about different queries. Here at career dose a mentor can help you choose in which college or stream you want to go after passing out 12th and 10th standard. It can be a big headache if you are undecided and have not thought about it. So it would be helpful and can save you a lot of time to consult with your mentor about this.
  • Skills Development-You can learn various abilities and qualities from your mentor. It can help you overcome the difficulties you are having in different aspects. Such as at career dose our mentors will support you and can make you develop qualities like Fluent english speaking, learning other languages, presence of mind, communication etc.

    At career dose we respect the fundamentals of MENTORSHIP and our mentors inspire students to create history and make themselves better in every aspect of life. As these are the students we are handing our country in the future. So it's our responsibility to polish their qualities and abilities so that they may shine as a star in front of the whole world and make their country proud.